Volunteers from Abroad again in the Park

2020-03-10 / Žemaitijos NP

The Žemaitija National Park Directorate has been working for many years with young people from abroad, who come to volunteer in Lithuania. Volunteers had already come to Plateliai from Spain, Italy, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, France and other countries. Living here for a period of 7-9 months, they become part of the Directorate team and assists with daily tasks such as: environmental management, maintenance of recreational facilities, event organization for visitors. At the same time, volunteers get to know the local community, learn about the local culture, traditions and customs. Also they learn from their surroundings and share their experiences.
If there are an approved project, at least a few young people apply for volunteering at the Žemaitija National park every year. This year the Youth Volunteering Center “Deineta” (Coordinating Organization), which has been working with the Directorate since 2014, is implementing the project “Volunteering in Lithuania`s Protected Areas” and sent two volunteers to Žemaitija National Park.
Tatiana Obrucheva (presentation) from Russia and Xalo Lopez Alvarez (presentation) from Spain came to the Park on February 11th -12th. Both young people are enthusiastic about the Directorate, got to know the staff and visited the area of the Park.
This year, volunteers came to the Park quite early and they had the opportunity to attend the traditional Shroves Tuesday festival where old local traditions are presented. We hope that volunteer will use this quiet time (before tourism season) to get used to and know Samogitia, the National Park, its exceptional values. And in the summer period will serve as a support for us, serving visitors from all over the world. And all those who come or live in the Park will have the opportunity to meet and interact with these young people during events or visiting the expositions of the Directorate of Žemaitija National park.

More about the projects and volunteering: http://zemaitijosnp.lt/en/saugome/european-solidarity-corps/

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