Woven ware, candles and etc. Ecological-biodynamic farm “Miško sodai”

Address: Miškų str. 5, Visvainiai village, Plungės dstr.

Vaiva Jundulaitė (tel. +370 611 66021)


The following traditional crafts of Lithuanian heritage are fostered here: weaving, yarn dyeing by natural dyes. In the homestead you can buy authentic Lithuanian handmade souvenirs: woven floor mats, table mats, headscarves, products made of wool and linen material, hand – painted authentic linen scarves and dresses, handmade candles.

We invite you to visit the farm and buy vegetables directly from the garden, see plenty of different plants: kingarten, medicines plants, spices, vegetables and berries. You will know what need to prepare the garden and you will find out the benefits of biodiversity.
The educational program “Traditional Lithuanian Nursery Plants” is being conducted at the farm. You will find out why the local people planted some plants at home, what magical value the plants had, how our ancestors used the plants for medicine. Please contact by phone 861166021 in advance if you want an education programme.

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