Lake Plateliai

This Lake is the largest and deepest Žemaitija’s lake famous for its natural, cultural and landscape value. Even depths of this Lake are special: unique geological formations have been discovered here, changing understanding about formation of the entire Žemaitija Upland.  The name of this Lake was mentioned first in the Lithuanian Metrics in 15th century. Its area is 1205 ha, average depth 10.5 m, the deepest point – about 50 m. 17 rivulets are tributaries to the Lake, while the Babrungas river rises here.

There are 7 islands on the Lake: Pilies, Veršių, Pliksalė, Briedsalė, Ubagsalė, Gaidsalė and the smallest among them Šončelis island. All islands of the Lake and Kreiviškiai and Auksalė peninsulas are state-protected monuments of nature or objects of natural heritage.

Lake Plateliai stands out by a unique cultural heritage as well. A castle that used to belong to Lithuanian Dukes, stood even in 15th century already. It was connected with the Šventorkalnis peninsula via a wooden bridge. The bridge poles, Pilies island and Šventorkalnis peninsula (Plateliai Manor location) have been granted the status of cultural valuables.

Here, beside abundant usual fishes, salmon family fishes are breeding as well – vendace and lake whitefish that lived here even in the post-glacial period.

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