Farmstead “Stirbaičių ąžuolas”

Address and contacts:

Papilių street 1, Stirbaičiai village, Plungė dstr.

Tel. +37064027298


A farm surrounded by forests. Next to it – Stirbaičiai oak – a natural monument, which stands out with its impressive appearance: height – 21.5 m, trunk circumference at a height of 1.3 m – 4.30 m, age – more than 200 years.

Since 1887 in this place was the lands of Counts Choiseul-Gouffier, Jerumbavičius’ farm has been here since the beginning of XX century.

The rural tourism homestead “Stirbaičių ąžuolas” now has a hall with 60 seats for festive parties, a sauna (up to 18 people), gazebos, a pond where you can fish.

Catering can be arranged upon request.

Places without overnight: 70.

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