Farmstead of Rimantas Juozas Dailidonis

Address: Plungės street 25, Beržoras village, Plungė dstr.

Tel. +370 688 31 715

A farmstead is found near Plungė-Plateliai road, at a distance of 60 m from Beržoras Lake, 1 km from Plateliai Lake, 14 km from Plungė, and 2,5 km from Plateliai borough. One brick house and two wooden buildings are erected within the farmstead territory. There are five sleeping rooms, a bath, dancing hall, and a bar there. A sports ground is equipped and a swing for children is constructed.
Hosts: living in the same farmstead.
Visitors are welcome: April, May, June, July, August, September, October , November, December.
Foreign languages: RU, DE

In farmstead
Number of beds: 22
Place for celebrations: 22
Number of beds non-overnight: 30
Number of rooms: 6
Living units: 3

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