Farmstead “Beržoro pakrantė”


Gaso st. 14, Beržoras village, Plungė dstr.

Tel. +37061306300; +37061533462


Farmstead “Beržoro pakrantė” is located right by the Beržoro lake. Guests have a great opportunity to stay in a cozy farmstead with wonderful views. This place is suitable for both families or companies as well as couples. We welcome animals and give them complete freedom. In our farmstead you can enjoy both active entertainment and a quiet time on the shores of Beržoras and go boating, and in the evening you can relax in the homestead in the sauna. The homestead awaits you with privacy, coziness, cleanliness, great service and other amenities that will ensure your stay.
In the evening, a sauna and hot tub can be booked.

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