Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras) in Zemaitija National Park

Shrove Tuesday is an exceptional day in the year dedicated to the eviction of winter and summoning of spring. Shrove Tuesday rites incorporate ancient beliefs related to the awakening of winter for the new cycle of life. Samogitian Shrove Tuesday is hardly imaginable without masqueraders and the uproar that they bring about. In Plateliai region parties of masqueraders called Shrove Tuesday Jews have been popular from time immemorial. In the after-war period the tradition of Shrove Tuesday flagged, however, was revived in the late 1960s. Starting from 1991 Shrove Tuesday celebration is organized by Žemaitija National Park.

Žemaitija National Park, Plateliai, known for the festival of Shrove Tuesday, has become the most attractive tourist area, cherishing intangible heritage (EDEN) in 2008.

Plateliai have always been famous for the carvers of Shrovetide masks. The stable of Plateliai mansion hosts the Shrove Tuesday exposition. More information:

28 February 2017

If you have health and a wish for a long time to think Plateliai Click! Not regret, and have no trouble.

* In the morning – hell, pauper, Roma and other participants of merry carnivalrage in the villages.

* 16:30. Everyone meets Plateliai town square and the participants of merry carnival go to the House of Culture (Plateliai estate threshing barn).
The carnival takes place near the House of Culture (Plateliai estate threshing barn).

Pancake eating, limping horses and other race, the strongest, entertaining Shrove Tuesday Carnival company and best Shrove Tuesday pancakes hostess election.

Morė burning and our pitiful crying, when we drive out from the yard the winter.

* 17:45. Shrove Tuesday feast in dancing party of „paupers” (Plateliai estate threshing barn (House of Culture)).

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