Valuables of architecture

Ancient farmsteads

Samogitian folk architecture can be found in former valakas-type villages and steadings, scattered in the whole territory of Žemaitija National Park. You can find farmsteads of a particular style or elements of them in the following villages of the Park: Jazdauskiškiai, Stirbaičiai, Godeliai, Visvainiai, Medsėdžiai, etc.

Small scale architecture

Since ancient times the chapels, roofed crosses and crosses have been built along the roads, crossroads, rivulets, churches, in old graveyards of villages, historical places and places mentioned in legends of Žemaitija.

Now you can see those objects, which were built several hundred years ago in the territory of the National Park, e.g. chapels of Christ‘s road in Žem. Kalvarija were built in the middle of the 17 th century, some were rebuilt these days but in original places, e.g. St. Florion roofed cross in Plateliai, or recent ones.


Churches of Plateliai and Beržoras are among the oldest wooden churches in Lithuania. Both of them were built of squared timber in the middle of the 18th century. There are lots of sacral and art valuables in them and in the little basilica church of Žem. Kalvarija.

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