Shrovetide (Mardi Gras) in Zemaitija National Park

2017-04-14 / Žemaitijos NP

Shrovetide (Mardi Gras) in Zemaitija National Park

7 February at 14.00

Opening of ice sculpture park (Paplatelė village – next to the hotel „Linelis“).

15 February 14:00

Opening of the exhibition of Žemaitija Shrovetide masks and Shrovetide masks made by schoolchildren (Plateliai manor barn, Didžioji street 22, Plateliai).

16 February

If you have health and a wish for a long time to think Plateliai Click! Not regret, and have no trouble.

* In the morninghell, pauper, Roma and other participants of merry carnival rage in the villages.
* 10:00. Opens cafe ,,Burės“ (Plateliai Yacht Club, near Plateliai), where you can book your own very fat, tasteful Shrove Tuesday pancakes. Waiting for you the maximum discounts! You can go round by special circle (sukynės) on the ice.

* From 12:00. The best hostesses will bake the thickest Shrove Tuesday pancakes  in cafe „Linelis“ (in the other side of  Plateliai lake – Paplatelė village).

* 16:00. Everyone meets Plateliai town square and the participants of merry carnival go to the House of Culture (Plateliai estate threshing barn).
The carnival takes place near the House of Culture (Plateliai estate threshing barn).

Pancake eating, limping horses and other race, the strongest, entertaining Shrove Tuesday Carnival company and best Shrove Tuesday pancakes hostess election.

Morė burning and our pitiful crying, when we drive out from the yard the winter.

* 17:30. Shrove Tuesday feast in dancing party of „paupers” (Plateliai estate threshing barn (House of Culture)).


Shrove Tuesday gives the guests pleasant rural homestead M. Striaukienė ((8  698) 03485), E. and A. Klimai ((8  615) 38301), M. Mikašauskienė ((8 682) 05059), V. Leliuga ((8  698) 10312), J. Rumšienė ((8  686) 09867).

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