The brand of Zemaitija National Park product

In cooperation with the State Protected Territory Service under the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, administrations of state-owned parks, state-owned biosphere strict natural reserves, and non-governmental environmental organization Baltic Environmental Forum, the brand of Lithuanian protected area product has been introduced as one of measures for sustainable tourism promotion. The trademark is intended for local product manufacturers, craftsmen, tourism service providers and other local residents that by their activity contribute to sustainable tourism development on the protected areas of Lithuania.

This brand will assist the travelers in finding the projects and services of local communities that conform with key valuables of sustainable development, and help local people to popularize them.

Values of sustainable development

 Development of protected areas

Protected area’s managers and local businesses have a symbiotic relationship – they can only thrive together. Protected areas attract travelers with their natural and cultural treasures, but high-quality travel experiences are equally as important as quality and authentic supply of products and services: accommodation, tour guide services, traditional crafts, locally made organic food, etc. The label is given to producers of goods and services who consider their activities to be an integral part of the development objectives of protected areas.

Promotion of cultural and natural heritage

The Label of Protected Areas aims to draw the attention of travelers to products and services that promote cultural and natural heritage, the continuation of traditional crafts or cultural values.

Environmentally friendly activities

The label is awarded to product manufacturers and service providers whose activities are not harmful to the environment and who work to reduce the environmental impact of their activities.

Welfare of local communities

The label helps to promote the products and services created by the local people, thus promoting the employment and economic development of rural communities.


Sustainable development values

Development of Protected Areas

The managers of protected areas and local businessmen are related to each other by symbiotic relationship – they can prosper together only. The protected areas attract travelers by their cultural and natural valuables, still in order to have them leaving with good travel impressions, a qualitative and authentic offer of products and services is important as well: accommodation, guide services, items of traditional crafts etc. The brand is awarded to those manufacturers and service providers who consider their activity inseparable from objectives of protected areas development.

Fostering the Cultural and Natural Heritage

It will be sought by this brand to draw attention of travelers to the products and services that encourage educational purposes regarding cultural and natural heritage, and continuation of traditional crafts or cultural valuables.

Eco-Friendly Activity

Those manufacturers or service providers are awarded the brand, the activity of which do not do damage to the living nature and who make efforts to reduce impact of their activity on the environment.

Welfare of Local Communities

The common brand will assist local people in making available to the public the products created and services provided by the local people so that the occupation of local communities and economic development would be enhanced.

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