A Visitor Ticket

Enthusiastic tourists, ecological thinking people and everybody who are concerned about nature are invited to buy voluntary donation ticket to support and maintain our Žemaitija National Park.  Since 15 May 2015, Visitor ticket was introduced in Lithuania’s national and regional parks.

Voluntary donation ticket of protected areas is a great opportunity of nature and cultural heritage conservation. Visitor ticket is based on free will purchase concept, visitor express its own concern and willingness to maintain sightseeing spots and recreation areas in good condition, cognitive paths, observation towers, no trash in campsites.

All of the funds received for the visitor ticket come back to the territory of the park! These funds are being used for the maintenance and management of natural sites and recreational areas, for renovation of our information stands, for waste collection and garbage removal, as well as for the educational purposes – publications of tourist brochures, nature lessons for kids, environmental events for families.

Ecological thinking people and those who have an interest in nature conservation and natural heritage values we invite everybody to join protected areas preservation.

Where to buy?

Zemaitija National Park visitors’ center (Didžioji street. 8, Plateliai, Plungė dstr.)

The Cold War eksposition (Šilinė street 4, Plokščiai, Plungė dstr.)

Ekspositions of Zemaitija National Park (Didižioji street 22, Plateliai, Plungė dstr.)

SMS ticket – send an SMS “ZNP” to 1860. You will receive a message with a single ticket that is valid for 5 days (ticket costs 1 € plus additional 0.35 Euro service fee).

Online tiketing system “Tiketa” (plus additional 0.20 Euro service fee).

“Perlas” terminals at local shops and supermarket (plus additional 0.25 Euro service fee).


Single visitor’s ticket (valid for 5 days) to the Zemaitija national park costs only 1 Euro.

Monthly ticket to Zemaitija national park costs 5 Euros.

Monthly ticket to all the state parks (4 national and 28 regional parks) costs 10 Euros.

Annual ticket to all of the state parks costs 20 Euros.

Annual family ticket to all of the state praks costs 25 Euros.


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