Šeirė trail

The walking trail, 4.1 km long, with a segment of 1.4 km adapted to meet needs of mobility-impaired persons is located in the Žemaitija National Park, near the town of Plateliai, 1.3 km from the Žemaitija National Park Administration Plateliai Visitor Centre. A segment of the trail (1.8 km) coincides with the Cycling Path around Lake Plateliai. The following are the coordinates of the starting point of the trail: 364652, 6214840 (LKS) or 21.827357, 56.048411 (WGS). The trail of hard-packed-soil paving has way finding signs, and there is a National Park Information Board at the starting point.

Exclusiveness of Trail Experience: active way to acquaint with nature, Gaudupis bog, lake Piktežeris, shore of lake Plateliai, adapting to different needs of visitors.

Brochure and more information can be found HERE.

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