Paplatelė educational walking trail

The Paplatelė educational walking trail, 2.3 km long, is located in the Žemaitija National Park on the eastern shore of Lake Plateliai, in the village of Paplatelė, 8.9 km from the Žemaitija National Park Administration Plateliai Visitor Centre. The following are the coordinates of the starting point of the trail: 368287, 6214552 (LKS) or 21.885817, 56.046841 (WGS). The trail has way finding signs, and there is a National Park Information Board at the starting point. The trail is built with several types of paving: natural (0.6 km), hard packed soil (1.3 km) and asphalt (0.4 km).

Exclusiveness of Trail Experience: landscape, sculptures, woodland key habitat, Sultekis pond.

Brochure and more information can be found HERE.

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