Liepijos trail

The area of the Liepijų Landscape Reserve is 278,3 ha. It is situated in the western periphery of the plateau massif of Plateliai. The reserve includes Liepijų forest with the Ringupis river rambling its western outskirts. It is surrounded by villages of Medsėdžiai, Kentai, Kadžiai and Pamedinčiai. Arboreous, hilly, loamy and argilaceous landscape is prevalent in the territory of the Liepijų Landscape Reserve. Liepijų forest occupies the most substantial part of the Liepijų landscape Reserve (approx. 87%), meadows, swamps, water ponds occupy approximately 13%. About 75% of all stands developed under natural conditions, and the rest area of a cultivated origin. Nearly all the forests of the Liepijų Landscape Reserve (98,3%) are attributed to the group of ecosystem protection forests. Privately owned land occupies more than half of the territory, 79 privately-owned plots of land are included in the reserve.

Botanists  have established that the Liepijų Landscape Reserve has the largest communities of broadleaf linden-hornbeam forests, which are extremely rare in Zemaitija National Park. The main dominant of the tree canopy is a common oak, with quite an abundant addition of European spruce in some areas.

There is  4 km. a hiking trail in the forest. The trail stretches through natural forest, without specially equipped pavement. In its most interesting places, there are billboards telling intriguing facts about the characteristics of the place. Exclusiveness of trail expierence: loamy and argillaceous landscape, meadows, swamps, water ponds.

Route marking. The route is marked with red color “acorns” on the trees. They mark the turns of the route and help to keep track of the route.

You can download a mobile app for the trail with route and audio guide. A mobile app (called “Audio Guide of Zemaitija National Park”) you can download for free.

Coordinates:  56.033225, 21.781736 (WGS). 

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