Memorial museum of writer Žemaitė

Scholar of Lithuanian classical literature Julija Beniuševičiūtė – Žymantienė (well known to all by the nickname Žemaitė) was born and raised in the farm estate of the counts Pliateriai in Bukantė. The memorial exposition for her was opened in her native house. Here are exhibited ethnographic-historical objects, books, publications, photographs and are organized traditional birthday commemorations of the writer Žemaitė.

The memorial exposition of Stanislavas Riauba was opened in the restored barn, where you can get the information about one of the most famous folk masters of Samogitia and his unique works.

You can get the information about the sacral heritage of the Plungė region in the restored stall. Here you can see the traditional Samogitian sun-crosses and the sculptures of the saints.

Educational classes named “Acquaintance with the Samogitian Culinary Heritage” are organized for those who want to know more about Samogitia region.

Address: Žemaite street 24, Godeliai village, Plunge dstr. 

Tel. +370 448 52492, +370 688 74212


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