Barn of Plateliai Manor

Barn of Plateliai Manor built with neo-Gothic elements of folk architecture on the second half of 19th century has been updated with ethnographic expositions of Plateliai Manor history, the past of ancient Plateliai, Castle Island, reflecting this Samogitian region; newly equipped modern natural exposition, hall with constantly changing exhibitions in 2011. Here you can see Sofia Tyzenhauzaite Choiseul-Gouffier who personally knew both the French Emperor Napoleon and the Russian Tsar Alexander I; to hear the story about two men who were looking for the wealth of Queen Bona on Plateliai lake island. You’ll be surprised that in the 17th century Lithuanians liked one sport game called Ripka, which is now revived. You will hear about the smallest bird of these lands which is even lighter than the metal coin of 2 euros!

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