Farmstead of Virginijus Leliuga “Po ąžuolais”

Address: Plokštinės street 20, Paplatelė village, Plungė dstr.
Tel. +370 614 74 284, +370 698 10 312

A farmstead in Žemaitija National Park is situated at a distance of 200 m from the lake Plateliai, in a hilly place surrounded by centuries-old oaks. In the territory of the farmstead, 3 fishy ponds are available. You will be able to tray Norwegian bathhouse (in a tube) and Lithuanian steam bathhouse. Two halls (25 and 80 Persons) for family parties and business events are at your service. A perfect place for admirers of peaceful leisure close to a lake and wood. For extreme sense lovers – snow choppers in winter time.
Hosts: living in the same farmstead.
Visitors are welcome: all year round.
Foreign languages: RU, EN

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