The Shroves Tuesday Exposition will be CLOSED!

2020-03-10 / Žemaitijos NP

We would like to inform, that the Shroves Tuesday Exposition of the Žemaitija National Park Directorate will be temporarily closed, because of necessary exhibit management and maintenance work. The works will run from 17th of March until 17th of April, 2020.
Only the Shroves Tuesday Exposition (address: Didžioji str. 24, Plateliai) will be closed during the works. The Exposition of Žemaitija National park (address: Didžioji str. 22, Plateliai) will work on a regular schedule and provide all regular services.

If you have any questions, call +370 659 07918. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Žemaitija National Park Directorate inf.

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