Virtual volunteering


E-Volunteering (Virtual volunteering) is a term describing a volunteer who completes tasks, in whole or in part, off-site from the organization being assisted, using the Internet and a home, school, telecenter or work computer or other Internet-connected device. Virtual volunteering is also known as online volunteering, cyber service, telemonitoring and teletutoring, and various other names. Virtual volunteering is similar to telecommuting, except that, instead of online employees who are paid, these are online volunteers who are not paid, and they are working to benefit a nonprofit organization, school, government program or other not-for-profit entity, as opposed to a for-profit business.

People engaged in virtual volunteering undertake a variety of activities from locations remote to the organization or people they are assisting, via a computer or other Internet-connected device, such as:

  • translating documents
  • researching subjects
  • creating web pages
  • editing or writing proposals, press releases, newsletter articles, etc.
  • developing material for a curriculum
  • designing a database
  • designing graphics
  • providing legal, business, medical, agricultural or any other expertise
  • counseling people
  • tutoring or mentoring students
  • moderating online discussion groups
  • writing songs
  • creating a podcast
  • editing a video
  • monitoring the news
  • answering questions
  • tagging photos and files
  • managing other online volunteers
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