Nature Hardwoods

Nature Hardwoods



Project – Forest management and nature conservation in hardwood forests under the Natura 2000 directive

Project acronym – Nature Hardwoods


Today, there is a low level of co-operation between the EU countries about how to interpretate, administrate, promote and manage NATURA 2000 areas. Species do not care about national borders. The reason for focusing on hardwood forests is that they often need some kind of management to conserve and to develop the biodiversity values.

During this project will be prepared Application Form for the main project.

The main project will focus on experience exchange in managing mainly hardwood Natura 2000 forests (practical aspects) and experience exchange in the handling process of Natura 2000 areas (bureaucracy aspects).

MAIN PROJECT outcomes:

Expected activities and main outcomes of the main idea are: study tours, forest NATURA 2000 model areas, conceptual documents on alternative forest management methods, good examples, discussion platform, strategic document of how to manage NATURA 2000 areas.

Lead Partner: Skogsstyrelsen (The Swedish Forest Agency)

Project Partner 2: Regionalna Dyrekcja Lasow Panstwowych w Gdansku (Regional Directorate of State Forests in Gdansk)

Project Partner 3: Žemaitijos nacionalinio parko direkcija (Directorate of Žemaitija National Park)

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Project started 2013-06-24

Project will end 2014-08-23

Project duration – 14 months.


Total project budget 49982.00 EUR

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