Lakes for Future

Lakes for Future


Project name – Cross Border Cooperation for Sustainable Management of Lake Areas in Kurzeme and Lithuania

Project acronym – Lakes for Future

Project objective – to promote sustainable management and conservation of nature resources in lakes and its basin areas in Kurzeme region and Lithuania cross-border area.

Project has 3 sub-objectives:

1. To develop the infrastructure for the management and protection of nature resources in order to prevent possible threats and improve accessibility to lakes.

2. To ensure exchange of experience between different actors and stakeholders involved in management of lakes, as well to provide decision makers with actual information and data on state of environment in lakes and its basins in cross-border area.

3. To promote public involvement and information about protection and management of lake areas and disseminate the results of the Project.

—Lead Partner – Kurzeme Planning Region

—Project Partner 2 – Council of Liepaja City

—Project Partner 3 – Municipality of Saldus

—Project Partner 4 – Council of Durbe Municipality

—Project Partner 5 – Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre

—Project Partner 6 – Municipality of Talsi

—Project Partner 7 – Municipality of Kuldiga

—Project Partner 8– Klaipėda University (CORPI)

—Project Partner 9 – Directorate of Biržai Regional Park

—Project Partner 10 – Directorate of Tytuvėnai Regional Park

—Project Partner 11 – Directorate of Žemaitija National Park

—Project Partner 12 – Municipality of Mersrags

Contact person in Directorate of Žemaitija National Park: Project coordinator E.Lydienė

Project duration 28 months (2012-04-02 till 2014-08-01)

Total eligible Project budget: 1 012 554,14 EUR

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