European Solidarity Corps

European solidarity is building a new European Union initiative that gives young people opportunities to volunteer or work in their own country or abroad and implemented by all the communities and residents of beneficial projects.
Activities are targeted at people aged between 18 and 30.
For volunteers, the program reimburses all costs associated with participating in a selected project: travel, accommodation, local transportation, language courses, training and health insurance. It also pays for pocket money and food allowance.

The European Solidarity Corps Volunteering project called 2019-2-LT02-ESC11-006424 “Volunteering in Lithuania’s Protected Areas” is being implemented on 2020. Duration of the project 2020-02-10_2020-11-07.

The main goals of the project are:
* Communicate the importance of preserving the natural and cultural heritage;
* Communicate the importance of local communities in society;
* Improve the competences of participating young people by providing them with a non-formal learning environment;
* Promote volunteering as an alternative learning pathway;
* Create and maintain an international/intercultural forum in host community communities;
* Provide assistance to host organizations (in terms of human resources);
* Increase the capacity of host organizations to work in an international, intercultural context.

These objectives are part of a long-term mission to:
* Give inspiring examples of active citizenship to local youth;
* Promote intercultural dialogue and understanding, tolerance and respect for human rights in Lithuania;
* Contribute to the search for new working methods in host organizations;
* Provide project participants with a variety of ways to improve themselves, thus enhancing the competitiveness of young people
labor market and formal education sectors;
* Helping young people transition to independent living more smoothly.

The main themes of the project are in line with the priorities of the European Solidarity Corps:
* Youth Intercultural Dialogue.
* Active participation in community life.
* Active involvement of young people in civic activities.
* Internationality, different cultures, solidarity among young people towards a more open society.

To the Directorate of Žemaitija National Park (host organization) 2 volunteers arrived in 2020 February 11-12:

Tatiana Obrucheva (presentation);

Xalo Lopez Alvarez (presentation).

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