Old cultural heritage

It is mounds of Užpelkiai, Gegrėnai, Pūčkoriai, Jazdauskiškės, Grigaičiai, St. John‘s (in Žemaičių Kalvarija), Šarnelė, Mikytai, old sacred places of Visvainiai, Mikytai, Vilkai, Gilaičiai, Paparčiai, places of old settlements in Gegrėnai and Šarnelė who are really interesting.

The ancient sacred place of Mikytai is called the hill of Alka, and is located 200 m to southeast from the Barstyčiai-Salantai road. There is a view point on the top of the hill. The total area of the hill is 11,5 ha.

On the northern slope of the hill of Alka there is a stone with the devil’s footprint. On the eastern slope of the hill there is a small, approximately 2 m in diameter and up to 50 cm deep hole, the bottom of which is covered with small stones. This hole is called the well of prayers (offerings).

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