Cultural heritage

Žemaitija National Park is full of unique valuables showing the cultural heritage of this land dating back to the Stone Age. Samogitians who have preserved their dialect, customs, features of character, buildings and original small- scale architecture live there. More than 200 of valuables of cultural heritage are taken care of. The old cultural heritage are mounds, old sacred places, grave- yards, places of the settlements. The mounds of Užpelkiai, Gegrėnai, Pučkoriai, Šarnelė, Mikytai, the old sacred places of Visvainiai, Mikytai, Vilkai, the places of ancient settlements of Gegrėnai and Šarnelė are really interesting.

The churches of Plateliai and Beržoras, basilica of Žemaičių Kalvarija, the mill of Babrungėnai, old homesteads distinguish themselves from architectural valuables. More than 90 valuables of art are taken care of in the territory of the Park. They are Samogitian crosses, chapels, roofed crosses; even theses days they are built at the roadsides or fastened to trees.

Žemaitija National Park has a team of ancient sport game – ripka.

Old cultural heritage
Valuables of architecture
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